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The term stoma comes from the Greek “stoma” and means mouth or opening.

What's an Ostomy?

In medical language it means the connection of a hollow viscera of the digestive system with the skin surface.

Enterostomies are the colostomy, ileostomy and urostomy and can be temporary or permanent.

In the temporary one there is a diversion of faeces to the outside through the hole drilled in the abdomen.
In this case, after an appropriate period of time, the ostomy is removed and intestinal transit is restored through a second operation called ‘recanalisation’.

Permanent ostomy, on the other hand, is necessary for serious and irreparable injuries or diseases of the rectum, anal sphincter and in some cases the entire colon.

Ostomy implies the loss of voluntary control of bowel movements or leakage of urine.


Connection of the colon into the abdominal wall.


Connection of the ileum into the abdominal wall.


Connection of the ureter to the skin or via an interposed ileal loop.