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Your help is concrete, enabling us to keep the project going!

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You can support us with concrete actions: find out your impact on the project!


Available only in Italy.

Wire Transfer

A quick and easy help.

Minifigure Accessory

Donate 5 euro to let us make more 3D printed bags.

Ostomy Bag Cover

Donate 10 euro to let us print bag covers!


Donate 50 euro to help us get bricks for children to play with in hospital.


Donate 100 euro to help us build the console that we will give to hospitals to play StomyCraft while waiting for visits.

A day of Development

Donate 500 euro to give us a day of video game development.

StreamLabs Charity

Your help is concrete, enabling us to keep the StomyCraft project growing!

Support FAIS with a donation.

FAIS carries out its activities in favor of incontinent and ostomy patients throughout the national territory. You can support FAIS activities with a donation by clicking on the button. Simple and fast.


Puoi contribuire devolvendo il 5×1000 al progetto StomyCraft.

Nella tua dichiarazione dei redditi (730, Modello CUD e Modello Unico) cerca la “scelta per la destinazione del 5×1000” e firma nello spazio dedicato a: “Sostegno del volontariato e delle altre organizzazioni non lucrative di utilità sociale, etc.”.

Sotto la tua firma occorre inserire il codice fiscale della FAIS onlus 97336780156.

Bonifico bancario

Puoi sostenerci con un bonifico bancario, usando il codice IBAN  IT46U0306909606100000018995 , intestandolo a FAIS ODV.